School Activities - Ellsworth Hill (PK & 2)

School Representatives

Co-Head Rep: Sydney Cauhill 330.409.5041
Co-Head Rep: Mindy Broerman 937.269.9494

Right to Read Week is March 20th and 24th! This year, Marilyn Sadler will visit Ellsworth Hill on March 21st. Marilyn is a children's book author, television producer and screenwriter - she has written dozens of books, among them she has written bestselling books featuring Honey Bunny Funny Bunny. Pre-ordered books will be autographed and delivered during school. 

Ellsworth's activities for the week are:
Monday, March 20th- ...

The highly anticipated Ellsworth Carnival will take place this year on Wednesday, May 24th! Also, the Bubble Lady will be visiting Ellsworth students on May 23rd. For questions, please contact Sydney Caudill.

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