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School Representatives

President: Shannon Hutchinson 330.655.9264
Vice President: Kristin Kane 603.801.5736
Advisor: Lynn Krapf 330.650.9050
Secretary: Heather Lenz 330.777.4774
Treasurer: Meghan Vaillancourt 330.687.8160

Hudson PTO welcomes Marilyn Sadler and Jeff Miller to our elementary schools! Right to Read Week this year will take place March 20-24. Along with the author visits, each school will plan fun, daily activities for students. Look for updates on your school’s PTO web page in the coming weeks. If you’d like to volunteer to help with decorations or events at the schools, contact Kris Stoehr

Marilyn Sadler, children's book...

Has a fellow teacher made a real difference in a child's life this year? Has a school secretary, custodian, or aide gone out of their way to help? If so, we want to hear about it!  Nominations are being taken for Hudson PTO's Teacher of the Year Awards. We will recognize a teacher for grades pre-K to 5 and a teacher for grades 6 to 12.  We are also taking nominations for Staff Member of the Year for those individuals who help our schools run so smoothly. Both nomination forms...

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